Solved: Summative Assignment for Developing Professional Practice (5DVP/01)

Learning outcome 1 Assessment Criteria Pass/ Not Yet Pass
Understand the research process and different research approaches. 1.1 Summarize the stages of the research process and compare different data collection methods. Not yet pass
Assessor comments for Learning Outcome 1. 1.1 No identifiable plan is outlined – e.g. who are you going to ask the questions of? Why two types of questionnaire e.g. qualitative and quantitative? The following statement is not part of the plan of research: ‘It emphasizes the vital role that employee retention plays in an organization’ This is a benefit of retention.
Learning outcome 2 Assessment Criteria Pass/ Not Yet Pass
Be able to conduct a critical review of information sources in an area of HR/business practice and analyse the findings. 2.1 Identify an area of HR practice for investigation. Pass
2.2 Conduct a critical review of different information sources relevant to the chosen area of HR/business practice. Not yet pass
Assessor comments for Learning Outcome 2. 2.1 The area for research, retention in the hotel industry, is well outlined. 2.2  You don’t really critique the literature you have read in the sense that you weigh up the advantages of each piece of research for it merits and demerits – your commentary is too general, saying that it is useful and then you make a statement which makes no sense: ‘The major difference between the journal and the others’  Which journal? You seem to have consulted several.
Learning Outcome 3 Assessment Criteria Pass/ Not Yet Pass
Be able to draw meaningful conclusions and evaluate options for change. 3.1 Draw meaningful conclusions from the review and make justified recommendations for improvements in practice.   Not yet pass
Learning Outcome 4 Assessment Criteria Pass/ Not Yet Pass
Know how to deliver clear, business focused reports on an HR issue 4.1 Formulate a business report for identified stakeholders that includes an appropriate mix of diagrammatic and narrative formats. Pass
 Assessor feedback summary for Learning Outcome 3 and 4:
3.1 You set out to find out answers to the following To determine the role of styles of leadership on employee retention; To evaluate the effect of employee training and development program on the retention of employees; To find out how working environment influences employee retention; To reveal the effects of compensation programs on the retention of employees But your conclusions are so briefly expressed that no management would know what to do next. What are the results of conducting your surveys telling you in detail? What are the trends among the staff’s opinions? 4.1. You identify stakeholders well and their reasons for learning about this area, and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of line and bar graphs.
Assessor feedback summary:
Some good ideas here, but it’s too vague and more a general discussion of the benefits of conducting research, rather than a plan to get to the bottom of Ritz Carlton’s retention difficulties which will make management make some decisions. Remember to cite the place of publication and the publisher of your sources.
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