Solved: Patient Safety or Safety that Impacted Patient Care

For this assignment, you are to select an article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal about a patient safety issue or error that impacted patient care or resulted in a sentinel event. The patient safety issue can be something that you have read about, have concerns about, or even something that you have experienced in your practice. Your paper should include a detailed explanation about the safety issue and determine if there is current research being done in this area. Consider initiatives that could be put into place to correct or prevent future issues. What discipline should take the lead in addressing the safety issue?

Explain in detail the issue you are addressing. Discuss the issue that you selected and how it impacted or could impact patient care. What kind of precautions would be needed to avoid a repetition of this particular issue? From which discipline might this precaution emerge (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, medicine, nursing administration, hospital administration)?

Is there evidence that demonstrates either research being done in this area or new recommendations to address this particular system failure issue? Have you had personal experience with the particular issue addressed and if so, how was it addressed at your facility?

An article by Judy Smetzer is attached for your review. Do not use this article for your critique; it is provided to you for use as a reference for some ideas.

Format Requirements

  • References should not be older than five years, except in cases where the reference is considered a classic in the particular field. Main reference will be the base of your paper, plus a minimum of two supporting references
  • All written assignments must be typed (double-spaced), and APA style must be used where appropriate
  • Submit this assignment as a Word document

Criteria sullabus
  (1) Article is from a peer reviewed nursing journal addressing a patient safety issue, concern or sentinel event.
EXCELLENT: Selected appropriate article from a peer reviewed nursing journal. Focus of article was patient safety with the identification of an issue, concern or sentinel event.
(2) Issue is clearly presented with potential root cause. Discussed precautions and relates to practice setting.

EXCELLENT: Identified three interventions needed to prevent repetition and is reflective of critical thinking and a solid understanding of the issue. Discussed precautions and relates to practice setting.
(3) Identifies and provides rationale as to which discipline should take the lead in addressing the problem.
EXCELLENT: Appropriately identified and provides a detailed a reason for selection of key discipline to prevent repetition.

(4) Summary of current research article/reference (within 5 years) clearly related to correction of the issue or identification of further research needed.
EXCELLENT: Provided excellent, concise yet detailed, summary of current literature. Summary of interventions to address issue and/or prevent. Identifies if future research needed and if so provides ideas for that research
PRESENTATION: APA format, writing style, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc., and is 4-6 pages (text only). Includes at least 2 current references in addition to the primary article report. EXCELLENT APA style is perfect! Two references in addition to the primary article Submitted to dropbox and Turnitin by due date.