Solved: 3306 Assignment 9a Employment Law and Business Entities Project

This week’s projects are associated with business ethics and employment law.

Part 1(5 points):

You are working in human resources, training and development. As part of your job you see highly sensitive and private information about employees.

One of the employees, let’s call him X, has a felony conviction for possession of child pornography. One day, at lunch, X’s supervisor tells everyone that X is now coaching basketball at the local youth organization. What do you do?

Part 2(10 points):

Home office has targeted a particular department (Dept X) throughout the company for cuts. You are in charge of the Uneeda branch and have been told to cut 1 FTE (full time equivalent) from your Dept. X.

There are seven employees. Five of these employees are not classified as being those who are to be cut, and all five have been rated exemplary on their last evaluation.

Of the two who are in the targeted classification, both are Female and both forty-one years of age and started in the department on the same day seven years ago. Both have been given exemplary marks on their last evaluation.

Amelia is married with three children one of whom is profoundly disabled. Amelia was born in Mexico but has become a citizen of the US. She has had a bout with cancer which has just recurred. Clarissa is African American and unmarried and in good health. What do you do?

Part 3(5 points):

The manager of your claims department has just retired. All of the other individuals in the claims department are age 55 or higher and there are three or four who would be well qualified and who have applied for the manger opening.

You want to hire a manager from within the department. However, you are getting pressure from home office to hire a 32 year old protégé of a high ranking claims officer who would have to be transferred in from another office.

The manager of your department would need to be involved with large liability losses and the 32 year old protégé has only handled auto physical damage claims.

You also want to be eligible for promotion but the high ranking claims officer who wants you to hire the 32 year old protégé holds a lot of power and has made it difficult for others who have crossed her path to gain promotion.

Many of these were good people who simply found jobs at other companies. What do you do?

Part 4(10 points):

You are a supervisor of a remote claims office. Your claims unit has been disgruntled as of late. They have been putting in hundreds of hours of overtime but are on salary so they do not get paid time and a half.

The company has been making money but have frozen salaries in the gulf coast offices for three years because of hurricane and other weather related losses. There has been talk of a union.

Union representatives have been called in by claims adjusters to begin a union drive. Actually you secretly favor the union because you think it is the only way to keep good adjusters.

Turnover has been high and the hiring and developing of new adjusters has been draining on you. The company is sending you to a school so that you can bust the union or what they call, “maintain a non-union status’. You can’trefuse and still keep your job.

At minimum what must you permit the employees to do in their quest to form a union in the claims department? After doing these things would you still want to keep your job? You may need to consult the US Labor Department to get more details on what you must do because the text book has minimal information about this topic.

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