Solved: Scavenger Hunt

1. Find Find the description of ratings. Provide a screenshot showing the highest rating an attorney can obtain. 2. You are a business person in The Woodlands, Texas who owns a health care company that manages nursing homes located in 20 states across the United States. You and your company have been sued in Portland, Oregon related to services provided by the staff at the nursing home in Portland operated by your company . Using, find an attorney in Portland who lists health care law as one of his/her areas of practice. Provide a screenshot of the Martindale listing. What information caused you to select this attorney? 3. Using the attorney that you selected in number 2 above, do a search for the attorney using two different search engines. Provide a screen shot of the first page that comes up in the search on each search engine. 4. Go to the Texas Bar website. Using that website’s search tool, find an attorney in El Paso, Texas who practices employment law. Provide a screenshot of the listing you find. When was this attorney licensed? Where did the attorney go to law school? Does the attorney have special certifications from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization? If so, provide a screen shot of those certifications. Has this attorney ever had any disciplinary actions? 5. Do the attorneys that you found (or their law firms) in 2 and 4 above have websites? Provide a screen shot of the first page of the website for each of the attorneys that you have found through this assignment.