Solved: Risk Management

You should evaluate the risks inherent in the Coca Cola business. Evaluate their current financial information and indicate which risks you identify you would insure, self-insure, transfer, retain, hedge, divest or other strategy. How insurable do you believe Coca-Cola is based on their financial performance. You are taking the perspective of the risk manager and are working to procure insurance so indicate your coverage levels and what risk mitigation strategies you will use. Quantify the important ratios, those that you deem are significant. You may restrict your identified risks to the top 5-6, but you must address a minimum of three risks with at least two different risk mitigation techniques. Indicate levels of layered coverage as well when necessary as there is not enough capacity at one insurer along. The report should be a few pages long and where possible include charts or diagrams and quantification. Please cite any used resources including financial reports and provide relevant course calculations and ratios in your determinations.