Solved: Zenith National Insurance Company Case

Zenith National Insurance Company ( see 2010Zenith- Annual -Statement -Blank.pdf in Blackboard) is a workers compensation insurer. Given the financial information you have and information you glean from your online and other research, use Porter’s five forces model to answer these questions regarding Zenith National I nsurance Company.

Provide adequate explanation for your rationale as if you were explaining these answers to the new CEO who not only came from outside of the company but has no insurance experience:

- What is the threat of new entrants to Zenith

- What is the threat of substitute products or services to Zenith

- What is the bargaining power of buyers of Zenith’s workers compensation insurance products

- What is the bargaining power of suppliers to Zenith

- What rivalries exist between Zenith and others?

Given the answers to these what do you consider to be the major SWOT categories for Zenith

- Zenith’s greatest strengths

- Zenith’s greatest weaknesses

- Zenith’s biggest opportunities

- Zenith’s biggest threats