The Case of Syria

Angry flames flickered in a distance as they consume the tender bones of the beautiful city. As the flames flicker, radiating into the neighborhood cities, it ejected turns of crying mothers, children, and men alike. The neighboring cities watched in disgust as one of their own was consumed to ashes. Anger boiled within the cities and they bowed to repay the insidious perpetrator through destruction.

Gilly cityís attack attracted attention of various kingdoms. In unison, most kingdoms have come to terms with the growing atrocities of Gomer and the need for fast military action against the group. On the other hand, the state of the refugees pouring into other kingdoms like bees seeking solace was being jeopardized. Some, nations have acted swiftly to block their borders while others have created stricter entry demands for the new comers. The Growing attacks by Gomer and its ability to recruit the fleeing refugees made it hard for other kingdoms to accept new comers.

On one of ...