International Child Care (ICC) Involvement in the Society

International Child Care (ICC) is a faith-based organization operating in Haiti and Dominican Republic. Since its inception in 1967, the firm has grown into a large charitable trust, serving millions, especially the poverty-stricken people in the society. The goal of the foundation is to eliminate poverty through educational support, financial support, and volunteer resources. The trust receives its funding from well-wishers as well as established organizations.

Concern Worldwide US is an international organization bent to meeting the needs of the poorer of the poorest globally. It presently operates in more than 29 countries, with a strong focus on the needs of women and children. The foundation operates on the principle that poverty is eradicable, and, as such, combined efforts are necessary to eliminate it. Its uniqueness lies in its methodology of focusing on sustainable eradication of poverty. The firm receives its capital from donors as well as good-hearted individuals.