Comparison of Sea Turtles and Galapagos Giant Tortoises

The available research demonstrates that sea turtles are among the most ancient creatures on the planet earth. Studies indicate that they have existed for about 110 million years (Defenders of Wildlife) and are unique in various ways, that is, in comparison to other turtles. First, they do not have a standard body color as some of them are greenish, others yellowish, and some brownish. Secondly, they cannot fold or retract their head and legs into shells as other turtles do (

Scientific Classification

Sea turtles belong to class reptilia, order testudines, and family cheloniidae (Entertainment).

Habitat, Distribution, and Population

There are various species of sea turtles, each with a specific habitat and distribution point. However, in general, sea turtles are available in warm and moderate sea across the world. Loggerhead sea turtles, as evidenced by research, are the only sea turtles found globally - most species have specific locale. The popula...