UDI Emergency Process Flow

UDI is an average care facility, which averagely receives 12,000 patients annually. Among these, 1500 are admitted in the emergency department. Owing to its critical care nature, Emergency Department (ED) require effective and efficient processes with high care quality. The admission process include various steps that ensure quality care is provided. Based on current evaluation, UDI has determined lack of smooth flow of its processes and many delays. As part of mitigation data was collected through observations and service encounter reports to determine the process flow in the hospital and for the development of more efficient hospital processes.

UDI Process Flow

UDI ED processes starts with a pager alerts with ‘Bed Ready’ and is concluded when the patient is escorted from ED and out of Centricity. A Charge RN is paged with the ‘Bed Ready’ alert. he/she checks for the  A sign on the whiteboard that shows that demonstrates the patients readiness for admission. Once the care is...