Workplace Management: The Case of Coca-Cola


Technological changes, changes in customersí satisfaction levels, emerging management systems, and new innovations, have significantly shifted many organization's structures, processes, and outcomes. The changes have created dynamics in business models.

Cooperate Ethics and Social Responsibility

Coca Cola identifies the government, unions, investors, distributors, supplies, customers and employees as their key stakeholders.† The companyís approach toward corporate sector are founded on accountability, integrity, and transparently (The Coca Cola IÁecek, CCI). To achieve these, strong organizational values and communication system should be in place. Employees for example, should be accessible to the CCI objectives, operations, and accomplishments with a lot of transparently. Consequently, CCI should ensure a system that allows the key stakeholders to contribute in the organization decision making (Murray, 2008). This will not only motivate them, but also make t...