Waigaya Is the Way


Honda’s cultural and organizational system is so much in disarray that managers who are indoctrinated by the rule of thumb or blue print approaches questions such as how success can result in such an environment? Waigaya, which is Honda’s core value itself means nothing and just throws listeners into a further state of confusion. The word has no meaning even in the Asian context and was chosen by Soichiro Honda since its syllables; Wai-ga-ya, wai-ga-ya, wai-ga-ya, sounded like a room filled with many people jabbering or babbling (Rothfeder, 2014). It reflected a noise of heated discussion and free flow of ideas. It was supposed to be Honda's unique leadership and cultural value system. However, the system beats the logic of any capitalist nation that believes in order and hierarchy (Furlan, 2015). Surprisingly, the company have attained success in the Western world despite its cultural values and leadership style.


            Honda Motor Company is...