ONE-YEAR FUNDRAISING ACTION PLAN 2016 OF Hope Youth Environment Foundation(HYEF)


HYES exists to educate young people mainly aged 6-18 years in China about the awareness of environmental protection. The foundation creates different kinds of groups in primary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Within each group, students are organized by a group leader to conduct different kinds of activities focusing on raising environmental protection awareness. These activities include cleaning seashores, helping sanitation workers, and creating arts about environment protection etc.

Duration of fundraising: January 2016 December 2016

Objectives: We want to use the campaign to build a building for environmental teaching purpose including cinemas showing environment protection movies, galleries of kids art and creations, auditorium where we can invite experts to give environment lectures, and so on.

Fundraising goal: $5,000,000.00

Board Members:$2M

Aunual Fund: $1M

Major Gifts: 1M

Corporations and Foundations: $500.000