Frankenstein and the Horrors of Competitive Exclusion

Biologists Nathaniel J. Dominy and Justin D. Yeakel believed that human race would have been wiped out if Dr. Frankenstein had not rejected his Monster’s proposal. With a mathematical expression, the biologists estimated that the creature would have taken the world in 4,100 years. They however noted that the creature had better survival mechanism after witnessing its flesh regenerate.

 In Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic novel, Frankenstein, the creature pledge with his creator; Dr. Frankenstein. The creature convinces Dr. Frankenstein that he only need a mate and will leave for South America. He adds that, he present no competitive threat to humans.  Dr. Frankenstein after a heated self-debate, determined that the Monster and his bride can procreate and eventually decimate the human race (Dominy and Yeakel 108). He rejects the Monster’s proposal, which was like signing his own death warrant, but at the same time saving the human race.

The two scientists from Dartmouth University ...