Strategic Health Care Management: The Case of Aetna

Aetna Overview

Established in 1843 in Hartford, Connecticut, Aetna is one of the global premium providers for health care programs such as pharmacy, dental, workers’ benefits, and dental life insurance covers. The company offers benefits to more than 600,000 members globally with the main aim of delivering quality health care at more affordable costs as well as empowering individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The company's portfolio includes corporations, governments, and other providers that extend all across the world.

AETNA MISSION AND VALUES                                   


            The company is dedicated to helping clients gain health and financial freedom through the provision of cost-effective health care without compromising on the quality as well as ensuring the security of their finances against unforeseen health risks.

The company intends to continue building on its 160-year heritage through enhanced co-operation with patient...