ACT 506 Mod 7

Accounting Career

Accounting is a field integral to world economics. Personnel and undertakings in the finance sector span all industry sectors, allowing them to run smoothly. The critical nature of everyday finances earns accounting the relevance to a diverse and tumultuous economy. Such regard to the field has over the years revolutionized career development, qualifications, and certification. Internships and volunteer opportunities allow accounting students exposure to hands-on exposure necessary for future employment. California has a litany of internship and volunteer opportunities accounting students can enroll in for career development. The following are relevant certification, volunteer, and internship milestones I aim to explore in my accounting career path.


COVID-19 has resulted in a significant economic recession. Business entities, corporations, and individuals are today struggling to make ends meet amidst a stifling economy. Chicago-based Freedom Financial Network is among the leading financial institutions leading Americans through financial difficulties. The employer of over 2200 hundred people has, over the nineteen years of service, led in consumer debt solutions (Freedom Financial Network, 2020). Freedom Financial Network has an accounting specialist internship position accessible through,CA?jid=3cc4d8ff465383e6&lvk=kNU4Raf1jZMNYYORBPHGZA.--MCFrwbKQs. The internship post allows for extensive accounting practice auditing and reconciling consumer debt, bank accounts, and loan transaction data. The Seasonal Tax Internship with Mauricio Midence Financial Services is another opportunity. The organization offers paid internships, training, and certification in tax returns preparation, finance, and federal and state tax laws. Details are available at Skills attained in either of the above internships will be integral to accounting competitiveness and relevant experience.


iKrusher Inc. is among financial institutions offering volunteers the opportunity to work and grow field experience. Located at Arcadia, California, the vaporizers wholesaler has availed an accountant assistant post to volunteer accounting students-,CA?jid=88ebb18ffe309587&lvk=uo8u9fmn39K3s891wmpruw.--MCKOz3LzZ. The job description includes accounting and financial projects, undertakings that will offer substantial market experience. Financial assistant at the Volunteers of America Los Angles (VOALA) is another valuable volunteer opportunity I am eager to take up. VOALA is a non-profit organization committed to serving the needy in society. The organization pioneers human service undertakings including alcohol rehabilitation, low-income housing, homeless shelters, and veteran services. This is a primer charity opportunity for me to serve those in need with my expertise. The job position also includes extensive accounting services. Volunteers are in charge of budgeting, auditing, and financial data management, and record-keeping under senior accounting officials. The opportunity is available at,CA?jid=b4208b15b36d8987&lvk=g9X-j2G5vm_0VfrtVxmixA.--MCDDpZFfk. The highlighted volunteer positions are opportune for personal and professional accounting development and growth.


Accounting in California is closely monitored by the California Board of Accountancy (CBA). The organization is charged with oversight, authorization, and certification of professional accountants. CBA has since its inception in 1901 served as a regulator, licenser, and enforcer of California accountancy rules and regulations. Among the numerous functions, CBA undertakes qualifying candidates for Uniform CPA exams, certifying, licensing, and renewing accounting practitioners across California. The certificate is one I aim to achieve after meeting the requisite educational requirements. Academic requirements are listed on the website The CBA CPA certificate and license will allow me the public practice of the accounting profession and reinforce credibility.

Career Evaluation Experience

The CSUG Career Center website offered an informative and integrative personal and career evaluation. The experience broadened personal perception and career attitudes by presenting multiple viable options to specialize in. It is an opportunity that has allowed me to diversify my opinion and perspective as I prepare to undertake accounting projects in organizations and within society.


Freedom Financial Network. (2020). Consumer Debt Help Leader | Freedom Financial Network.,CA?jid=3cc4d8ff465383e6&lvk=kNU4Raf1jZMNYYORBPHGZA.--MCFrwbKQs,CA?jid=88ebb18ffe309587&lvk=uo8u9fmn39K3s891wmpruw.--MCKOz3LzZ