ABF Inc.'s Growth in the Healthcare Industry: Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff Matrix helps provide an accurate picture of an organization’s current situation, especially its competitiveness in the industry. Consequently, it is also an important tool to analyze the potential products and services to present to the organization's current market in the near future. Being able to use these strategies boosts an organization's decision-making; thus, enhancing its profitability in the market. Therefore, Ansoff Matrix is a great tool to assess ABF, Inc and its future growth.  ABF, Inc needs to consider four different areas.  The first area they need to consider is market penetration.  As we know A Brighter Future provides the following services in their current market: family medical practice, weight loss program, Botox, facial treatment services, home health care, and therapy/counseling sessions. 

Although these programs have generated income and patients, ABF, Inc. needs to step up their game and make more changes in order to continue thriving and increasing revenue.   ABF, Inc. needs to reconsider its hours of operations.  Expanding their hours, and making themselves available to patients who work fulltime hours is very important for their current market.  Currently ABF starts to see patient between the hours of 10 am to 3:30 pm.  If ABF would start seeing their patients between the hours of 8 am to 5:30 pm it would be very beneficial for them, and their patients.  Currently there are competitors whom stay open until 6:00 pm, and have Saturdays that they are open for half a day to meet needs of those who work full time.  Therapy Sessions should also be provided on Fridays, not just Mondays-Thursdays.  Currently ABF does not offer Friday appointments for therapy patients.  These are easy changes that can be made to the already existing market they are currently in that would help them gain more patients, revenue, and out do some of their competitors.

Developing a marketing plan that will be effective and beneficial for ABF is important.  One thing that the company can do is enter a new market that has not been touched by any of its competitors.  For example, their home healthcare department has already expanded throughout several counties in the State of North Carolina.  ABF services clients in rural areas.  Choosing a central location between groups of rural areas they already service in would be a new way to expand their Medical services, in conjunction with their other programs.  ABF can start their services by appointment only on certain days of the week, until a good steady flow of patient influx occurs and they make enough to hire staff to have the new sub clinic function 5 days a week.

In regards to product development ABF has been already introducing new pharmaceutical products to its weight loss program.  It has been providing patients with samples of the latest weight loss pills, and if they like it prescribing it.  It has also partnered with local It Works vendors to promote clean eating, and natural products to assist with weight loss as well.  Now they need to employ the same strategy with the regular family practice patients.  Introducing newer medications to patients with chronic illness would be a start.  For example, prescribing Belviq to patients with HTN and weight issues, essentially taking care of two issues at the same time.  It would be one less pill a patient would have to take daily.  Another option would be offering seminars on healthy eating habits, chronic diseases and preventive measures a patient can take to improve their overall health. 

In regards to diversification is the riskiest strategy of the ansoff matrix.  Essentially the healthcare organization is taking a huge risk in introducing a new product or method to a new market.  One service that ABF can introduce to the new market in the rural area, as well as its local market is the Hyaluronic acid.  The Hyaluronic acid is injection into the skin areas around the neck, hands, face, and gives the skin a healthier look.  It helps with the skin elasticity, and rejuvenating the skin.  The procedure takes about ten mins and you see results within 2 weeks.  This type of treatment cost about 500 dollars.  ABF, Inc can introduce it at the price of $400.00.  This simply requires ABF to invest in purchasing the hyaluronic acid and needles.  Its less cost than purchasing a cool sculpting machine, and the supplies needed to go with the treatment. 

In conclusion, ABF needs to take a step out of their comfort zone and invest a little on new products and developments that could pay off big time for them in the long run.  ABF has to take into consideration that their competitors are also looking for ways to beat the competition and becoming the leading healthcare provider in the area.  ABF needs to revamp some of their services to be more appealing to their market, and capitalize on sound business moves that produces quality patient services.


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