Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is a conspiracy group who aims at publicizing their scientific claims of World Trade Center, which they believe were destroyed by controlled demolition. The architect and founder of the organization, Richard Gape, in his documentary, present various evidence to back his claim.

Gage argues that the explosion was a well-planned mission. The evidence shows that the arrangement of materials in the offices after the explosion did not indicate the haphazard manner of force from above. The unbiased research shows that the ignition of materials presented a complex pattern that could not originate from the same source of the two jets. As an engineer, Gage accounts that until the 9/11 incident, there were no records of collapsed steel supports due to fire alone. The evidence of the still points to the existing of an extraordinary force that disoriented the steel and forced them to give in to the weight of the concretes. The force, Gage claims, must have been a uniquely planted explosion device rather than the fire caused by the jets.

The Twin Towers had almost a free fall. According to Gage, For a structure such as Twin towers to come down, the core columns must be dislocated. However, the 9/11 presented a new record with the core columns coming down last. The information violates the rule of structural fall and validates the controlled demolition argument. The Twin Towers came down at 2/3 the speed of free fall while the core collapsed only 40 percent of the free fall. Based on his engineering knowledge and historical accounts, the fall of Twin Towers was unique and unwitnessed anywhere.

Gage believes that the evidence of explosive squibs (red/gray chips paint), twenty stories under the collapse point and the hurricane wind remains unaddressed. Eyewitnesses account extraordinary wind force and distance of flying objects at various floors of the building, which points to the possible addition force than those of the jets. During the dust analysis, R.J.Jee came across billions of iron microspheres. Gage believes that the formation of this material was linked to sudden temperature and pressure changes, which can only be explained by existing source of explosions, rather than those of jets.

Gage claims that a lot of information was neglected in the final report. Jonathan Barnnett who works with FEMA collect sulfidized steel, however, NIST rejected the evidence under the argument that piece was collected from any of the supporting columns; the evidence did not count. The sulfidization is an intergranular melting, or high-temperature corrosion through oxidation, sulphidation, and decarburization causing a liquid Iron Oxide Suflur to mix along its grain boundary and melt. Gage believes the melting of sulfidized steel indicated an extraordinary heat that could not be explained by the jet fire.

The accounts of explosives are marred with unanswered questions. There were over 118 accounts of explosives randomly selected firefighters in the New York Times. The accounts could not clearly explain the source of the explosion in the lower part of the building.