Customer Relationship Management Software


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications are specifically used by businesses in marketing, services, and selling functions. It is a management approach that aims to enhance a firm’s relationship with target customers to boost customer value, the firm’s profitability, and increase stockholder’s value (Al-Weshah et al., 2019). Therefore, it is of significance to a company as it helps it acquire and retain clients by offering optimal values in the most important ways, including firm-client communication and how customers buy. CRM uses information technology tools to a company’s relationship marketing plans. The current business settings comprise of various CRM software application players, including Zoho CRM and This paper will analyze the Zoho CRM to determine how it is utilized by businesses to communicate important information to their customers.

Zoho CRM

Businesses in many cases need to notify their clients of important developments, including new enhanced offerings, tariff changes, or even just to build rapport. Zoho CRM provides various features through which firms can directly communicate with all their clients at once. Among the features of the application include the Zoho Creator, which utilizes SMS in relaying information and the Zoho email that sends important communications to customers via their emails.

Sending Emails

Zoho CRM allows businesses to move email contacts to the CRM system. This ensures collaboration between the various teams in a firm and the clients. It is also of significance to the company in maintaining data coherence (

The steps below are used to communicate with customers through emails in Zoho CRM.

  1. With client contacts and leads, a salesperson in a firm will navigate to the Module tab in Zoho CRM system (, n.d.).
  2. They will then navigate to the Records detail page, under ListView and move to Emails and then select send mail.

Figure 1: List View. Source: (n.d.).

  • The company will then compose the intended information in the compose mail page, attach any additional files and input additional email addresses in the BCC and CC areas and send. The intended information will then be relayed to the company’s clients, and a copy of the email will be stored in the CRM system.

This capability is only made possible in Zoho CRM if the user has the Zoho mail add-on in their accounts. To integrate the mail add-on, the following steps are applied.

  1. In the CRM system, the user clicks the Email tab and then compose.

Figure 2: Integrating Zoho Email in Zoho CRM system. Source:

The company can further schedule its emails to clients in the Zoho CRM systems in the following way. This can be orchestrated by various reasons, including having customers based on different time zones.

  1. Navigating to the Module tab, the record details page, and then clicking on the send email tab.
  2. The email information is then composed and the schedule email tab clicked. There are three email scheduling options in the CRM; the custom scheduling, predefined scheduling options, and best time to email.   


In the current business settings, the practice of communicating with existing and potential customers is made easily possible with the existence of Customer Relationship Management software applications such as the Zoho CRM software. Utilizing the software helps improve a firm’s communication means and strategies to their clients in an efficacious way. Zoho CRM allows businesses to send automated email information messages to its clients, and thus, boosting the modes of communication between a firm and its customers. An organization can schedule reminder emails and SMS to its clients at any time, thereby, allowing for an easy and timely relay of offers and any other important information to consumers. 


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