Fashion in the Future

Fashion creates and sets trends that are applicable for decades. Its influences are felt beyond just weaving, affecting cultures and people’s way of life. On the other hand, it is slow to adopting changes and is cultivated in a conservative industry. The recent years have seen progressive incorporation of technology into the fashion industry-a transformation that is expected to be the order of the day in the 22nd century due to the need for a better world. The idea will be changing fashion to create a sustainable world and not for beautification.

The world is currently devising and implementing effective mechanisms to reduce pollution and improve sustainability. Arthur (2016) indicates that the production of clothing surpassed 100 billion in 2014, indicating that based on the current trend where fast fashion is adored, the world will experience dramatic pollution effects caused by fashion as it is the second leading polluting industry in the world. As one of the leading polluting industries, lowering the world’s pollution index will mean a change of tact in the production process of clothing, and thus, technological innovations will be utilized to effect a better fashion and destroy the current trend (Gaitho, 2017).

People will utilize artificial intelligence mechanisms to create new ideologies, hack artistic practices, and refashion the existing supply chain system. Furthermore, technology will instill accountability into brands to provide more transparency in the manner a brand manufactures clothing. The generation will be more informed in regards to the source of material, the manufacturing process, and the manufacturer of a clothing fashion. The world will experience a fashion that is characterized by an accountable process, artistic diversity, technological innovation practices, a healthy blend of engagement, and custom-made 3D printing (Thiruchelvam, 2017).

The increased need for a sustainable environment and fashion in the distant future (22nd century) will force the world to rethink the role of fashion. The pressure will be immense on the fashion industry to lower its pollution index to realize a sustainable environment. Therefore, it will extensively utilize technology as a countermeasure to pollution effects, maintaining the core mandate of fashion.  


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