ONE-YEAR FUNDRAISING ACTION PLAN 2016 OF Hope Youth Environment Foundation(HYEF)


HYES exists to educate young people mainly aged 6-18 years in China about the  awareness of environmental protection. The foundation creates different kinds of groups in primary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Within each group, students are organized by a group leader to conduct different kinds of activities focusing on raising environmental protection awareness. These activities include cleaning seashores, helping sanitation workers, and creating arts about environment protection etc.

Duration of fundraising: January 2016 – December 2016

Objectives: We want to use the campaign to build a building for environmental teaching purpose including cinemas showing environment protection movies, galleries of kids art and creations, auditorium where we can invite experts to give environment lectures, and so on.

Fundraising goal: $5,000,000.00

Board Members:$2M

Aunual Fund: $1M

Major Gifts: 1M

Corporations and Foundations: $500.000

Planned Giving: 500.000

Case for support

Education in teenagers is essential and pressing because China is facing serious problems in environmental pollutions, including contaminated drinking water system and haze. China has 8 out of 10 most polluted cities in the world, and 82% of the overall drinking water system in China is contaminated. People in Beijing and Shanghai can hardly breathe without wearing breathing masks, and the increasing population are getting diseases, even cancer, associating with environmental pollution. The problem now is urgent, and cannot wait for the next generation to tackle. We think the outcome today is partially due to the rapid development in the last two or three decades when many industries exploit environment resource to maximize the monetary profit, but more importantly, due to the awareness of environmental protection in the general public. To change the situation, we think it is a must to start from school kids and teenagers to further influence their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and more. When a adult dumps trash in the river, if his or her child could say no and stop this behavior, we think it is more possible for the adult to accept than by current regulations and government. HYEF is the first and largest non-profit organization focusing youth education on environment protection. We now have 5 research departments in 10 cities with more than 200 instructors from different academic areas including youth education, phycology, and environmental science. We have also gained support from China Environmental Protection Association and Chinese Academy of Sciences. We established partnerships with 50 major companies in China including Alibaba and Baidu, which also have environmental protection programs in their corporations. So far we have created 4,309 environment groups in more than 2000 schools in 10 cities around China, and the number is increasing rapidly. In the last year, our student groups organized more than 100,000 environmental protection activities which had more than 1 million participants from all ages. Now it is a pride for a student to join HYEF and show their parents our green badge, and more importantly, their families are more aware of their daily behaviors regarding environmental protection. China has the population of 1.36 billion, and the portion we are influencing is small. We want to do more, and we hope you can join our mission to make China a better place to live for us, for our kids, and future generations. After all, protecting our environment is protecting our lives.


a) Department Staffing and Volunteers



Annual Giving officer

Major Gift Officer

Volunteer Roles:

2 Board Members (Give 2 million dollars together, meet twice a year to discuss the projects.)

3 Fundraising Volunteers: 2 in Gala Events, 1 Annual Fund Volunteer(Calls of emails to ask for money)

2 Advisory Board (Help Legal work, and give advice on tax deduction)


Major Gift: 200,000

Annual Giving Office: 300,000

Gala & other events: 100,000

Office and Utilities:200,000

Other Cost: 150,000

b) Three-Year Data Analysis

GOAL: $5,000,000.00

Research Methods

  1. Study the existing donor profile, make the fundraising plan
  2. Use Internet database to research more potential donors

Fundraising Methods

  1. Board members and volunteers soliciting
  2. Annual Giving Campaign
  3. Major Gift soliciting
  4. Planned Gift soliciting

Marketing and Communication Methods

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Email
  3. Direct Mail
  4. Door to Door visit in school communities
  5. Annual Gala and Ceremony


 Months                    Activity
JanuaryResearch the donor base and communicate with all existing donorsDecide the new board members and hold meetings to discuss the annual plan.Hire and train new annual gift officers and volunteers
FebruaryHire consultant company to further discuss the annual planStart the communication with major donors and special gifts donorsStart the communication with planned giving donors
MarchPrepare the marketing material for the telemarketing and direct mailContinue communication with donors
AprilStart the telemarketing and direct mail marketingPrepare for the annual gala
May Annual Gala  discuss the first round result of major gift and planned gift solicitation         
JuneSend thank you note and follow up material to all partipants in the Annual GalaReview the current goal and start the second round of solicitation
JulyStart the special summer camp eventStudy the new participating corporations in the summer camp registration list
AugustContinue the special summer camp eventConduct the marketing in the summer camp
SeptemberSend thank you notes to all participants in the summer camp eventSend potential participant corporations special material about donation
OctoberReview the goal in the summer camp and prepare related material to add in the direct mail marketing.
NovemberStart the final round of marketing through direct mail using all the achievement in this year and spread the information to the public
DecemberFinish the annual report Evaluation all the processes and methods in this year.

Donor stewardship and recognition

  1. For principle donors and planned gift donors (Larger than 1M)

Hold special events

Monthly 1-1 meeting and organization tour

Thank you letter and emails

Special seats/table in Annual Gala

Access to all activities held by HYEF

  • For Major gift donors and Special Gift donors (100,000-1M)

Thank you letter

Special seats/table in Annual Gala

1-10 organization tour

Quarterly 1-1 meeting

Access to all activities held by HYEF

  • For Gifts 10,000-100,000

Thank you letters

Invitation to Annual Gala

Special Badge of HYEF

Access to all activities held by HYEF

  • For Gifts 1,000-10,000

Thank you letters

Access to all activities held by HYEF


  1. Select three environmental protection foundations in China and compare the goal with them.
  2. Compare the current goal with last three years
  3. Hire independent consulting company to give objective assessment


We will look at the total dollars amount raised, as well as how many new donors we will recruit. We also expect to see 50 more major donors giving gifts larger than $200,000, and 10% more planned gifts.