English 1C: Book Paragraph

Book Paragraph

In the letters, Abigail shows kindness by accepting John’s advances and ensuring that he is fit to grow and thrive in any environment based on their relationship.

A.  You are my man and I will surely do anything for you provided you stay close to me. B.  I love being closely attached to you due to affection

C.  Be my partners and I will be attached to you as much.

In the letters, Abigail shows that she is an observant women who prefers robust social approaches to life based on her commitment and accurate analysis of issues

A.  Be connected to me and I will surely make you happy based on your abilities.

B.  She says, Life is served well when partners relate effectively and enhance their growth through an accurate approach.

In the letters, Abigail is a considerate and concerned about those living around her due to compassionate nature that makes her very committed to helping people who are close to her

A.  I feel obligated to live and ensure that my family is free from vices that lower standards and create indecency in societies

B.  The life we live is established on progressive and reformative platforms that strive to encourage decency and promote due diligence.

Film Paragraph

The film focuses more on Abigail’s ability to enforce social values and redefine her capabilities based on her push and fight for efficiency and norms.

The film portrays Abigail as one character who thrives in efficiency and pushes for reforms based on her qualities and steadfast approach in attaining virtues and corporate norms.

A.  Abigail is a character with sensibility and properly executed platform for social reforms and human progress.