Creating a Poem: The Power

Nobody foresaw his intentions. The strong, brave, and scheming king could not stop pursuing. The cards were clear, the people’s desire could not be further evaluated, tension was gone, but he kept pressing. Maybe he was playing with different cards, but who could know? This was his personal game, a game that he may have crafted ever since or even before he declared his ambitions. But all waited to see the ultimate of the king.

Everyone was scared, like to a man that with a ghost was marred. He is arrogant, and has no humor for life. And since grief is like a landmine, the whole country could not withstand his schemed orchestrated moves. Who wants to experience that, basically nobody? They had been part of it, they had suffered because of similar intentions, and moving forward, battling life was the order of the day.

The next elections were miles away. The government was in place, and stable, but why the constant attacks? People wondered. Could this be a long-term plan, or was he planning a coup? And if so, is this the way to execute it? Nobody could actually guess, but it was clear he was on a major journey.

Everyone desired the change. Change that was people-centered. A people’s choice. They were tired as a bear in hibernation, and were on a rollercoaster that only goes up. Mission being making the garden fertile. They have been hungry more than enough, never realized they could transform the rocky soil into a cultivatable field.

The king could not believe he was the former king. With all the power, resources, funds and personnel, he was then just like any other common citizens at last. How do you fit into the public domain? Especially after 30 years of oppressively ruling. But the king had fallen, the new constitution had effectively worked.

That was the plan, a constitutional lapse. Let them assume power, and impeach them through a law they extensively campaigned for. Draw the country to anarchy and in the process, get your way back to the helm. Could this plan be right? That needed other people. I think the lawyers, and the judges. But what does the public know? It could be right.

He had planned, reviewed and the execution was well timed, and scheduled. So what happened? I think I should be a betrayer as well. Those whom he thought he could take a bullet for, were actually the people behind the trigger.