Recruiting and Selecting: Jackson Hotels Case Study

  1. What recruitment sources do you recommend Jackson Hotels use to recruit seniors for the kinds of positions they are planning to utilize? Why?

I would propose that she can use the internet to recruit the employees. This would mean that she would be posting job advertisements online on job boards on popular platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn where she can engage the specific audience. Part of this would also be to encourage the public to inform other senior citizens who might be interested in such job positions while also encouraging these citizens to participate in using the online systems (Swartz and Perkins, 2016). This would mean that they would engage the public to request them to provide information to the relevant individuals who may be interested in this job position. As well it would be worthwhile to post the job flyers in specific places where the senior citizens are likely to visit (Moe et al., 2018; Disha, 2020). For instance, it would be worthwhile to post the flyer in places such as grocery stores or collaborating with restaurants who would like to support this course. 

  • What background investigations, if any would you recommend to differentiate acceptable from unacceptable job candidates? Why?

In conducting the background checks it would be worthwhile to determine what these citizens have been doing with their life and as well try to trace their history in reference to their locations. This would mean that it would be worthwhile to engage various departments such as the police who are more likely to have been in contact with them in the course of their service. This would mean an individual would need to determine whether these senior citizens have any criminal background that is likely to impact their capacity to deliver they are services. Besides the background records it would be worthwhile to establish whether an individual has any underlying conditions that may require taking care of as they begin working. For instance, individuals who may have challenges delivering their work because they have certain health conditions which could impact on their ability to ultimately undertake the job mandate (Bhatia and Ryan, 2018; Gitman et al., 2018). Conducting these background checks would also help to determine whether an individual would have any contributory impact to the capacity of the company to deliver.

  • What selection criteria and processes would you recommend to identify the best candidates? Why?

On the selection process, I would recommend that she posts the job positions online and as well require all applicants towards all the information on this platform. The system should be customized such that it would house all the interactions the company will have with the relevant parties. This will ensure that all the contacts will be made on the systems and as well any selection of a candidate after due diligence has been conducted will be contacted. This will also allow for a face-to-face interview once a candidate has been deemed to pass the interview process(Caldwell and Peters, 2018; Hughes et al., 2019). Bearing in mind that they are senior citizens the interview process can be customized such that it would help them highlight their capacity to deliver. All the contacts can be reached to verify the information that this candidate how presented should also be included in the relevant documentation as a clarification process to help indicate who they are. Lastly, a one-on-one interview can be done involving the various management heads who will be supervising these individuals. It would be worthwhile to find those abilities that best depicts their performance to allow them optimize their capacity and to deliver much more.


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