Sustainability practices in my area

Specifically, the escalated efforts on achieving a sustainable environment aims to ensure a peaceful coexistence between man and its immediate environment, now and in the future (Kanie & Biermann, 2017). For a sustainable environment to be achieved, a major reorganization of human activities and lifestyle is necessary (Sioshansi, 2011). Each person plays a significant role in the transition to a sustainable environment by reducing their harmful impact on the environment. Every action that contributes to sustainability is vital no matter how unimportant it may seem.

Below are some of the sustainable practices and issues in my area.

Garbage Recycling System at My Apartment

There are no rubbish dumps in my area. Most people deposit their wastes in these special containers or drop them off at a recycling station. One special aspect about these containers is that they free residents from the burden of having to sort waste and so the shame of having your garbage returned to you is managed. This garbage system illustrates the concept of citizenship, stewardship, and sustainability concerns. Each person has the responsibility of taking action to ensure that the world is a better place for everyone.

Waste of leaflet

Recycling papers is important because it conserves natural resources, keeps landfill space free, reduces greenhouse gases, and saves energy. It also frees up space for other types of trash that cannot be recycled. Recycling papers will save tons of trees that are cut every to make the papers. This image illustrates the concept of sustainability change which states that resources are finite. It is vital to point out that poor management of natural resources will lead to their destruction. Hence, we have to do our best to conserve natural resources. Recycling has been an age old technology in managing these scarce resources.

Garbage System at University of Maryland Stamp Student Union

We are moving towards a future where each and every refuse can be turned into something important. This means we are undergoing a waste management revolution. The garbage recycling system puts some sort of responsibility on people as it requires them to sort their refuse. The good thing about the system is that it is simple to use as it provides guidance. Though considered time-consuming, sorting waste is a good way to show how much we love our environment and the people closest to us. The garbage system illustrates the concept of the needs and the rights of the future generations. We should not only be mindful of ourselves, but also future generations.

Uses of Plastic bags

While several objections to the use of plastic bags exist, they still find use in many stores. The problem with plastic bags is that they are environmental hazardous substances. Landfills hold them for an indefinite period for they are not biodegradable while burning them emits toxic gases that harm the atmosphere. The image illustrates the concept of environment hazards which calls for a better waste management strategies. We have to stop using plastic bags to redeem our environment.

Iribe Center at University of Maryland (Green Building)

In this day and age, everyone is talking about going green and it is only a matter of time before everyone joins the green movement. The green building preserves most of the natural environment. Looking at the University green building, you will discover a significant portion of the unpaved area is devoted to vegetation which helps to reduce heat from the urban surroundings and to absorb some rainwater. This building illustrates the concept of interdependence which focuses on how people, environment, and the economy contribute to sustainability.

Local Farmers market at University of Maryland

Most of us are aware of that food affects our health, but little is known of the impact of food on natural resources. The food we produce and eat has a significant impact on the environment, for instance, green gas emissions and depletion of phosphorus. We need to turn to food and farming system that will sustain us in the future. Consuming more vegetables and fruits helps reduce the greenhouse gases and health risks. What makes the foods in the picture sustainable is that they are waste free. This picture illustrates the concept of sustainable change.

Tesla (alternative energy) at Tysons Corner Mall

Most people consider their cars as a key part of their life. Unfortunately, cars have a negative impact on the environment. This is why some companies such as Telsa have begun producing green cars which emit less emissions and use sustainable fuel resources. By choosing to drive a green car like the one in the picture, you are helping to reduce air pollution. The image illustrates the concept of sustainable change We have to realize that situations are changing and thus we need to be flexible.

Waste Syllabus Paper from College

The production of papers leads to mass deforestation and contributes to greenhouse gases. At the same time, the production of e-papers has been shown to have a negative impact on the natural environment. Because there is not much literature comparing paper and e-media, electronic and print papers are still produced. This image illustrates the concept of uncertainty and precaution. It is important to mention that are several approaches to sustainability and thus there is the need for flexibility.

Water Fountain in College Buildings

Water is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. We need to conserve and manage water to ensure we always have it. One of the best ways to do is through effective plumbing that ensures water is not wasted. The taps in the picture show some of the ways taps can be managed to restrict wasteful flow, reduce pressure, and the energy required to turn them on and off. This image illustrates the concept of sustainable change. We need to know that water is a scarce resource and therefore we need to conserve it.

Uses of Disposable Products

We are using an increasing number of disposable products such as paper towels, wipes, nappies, and plastic cups. In addition to being expensive in the long run, they involve the utilization of a lot of energy than their reusable alternatives. To redeem our environment, we need to say no to these products. The image illustrates the concept of sustainable change. We need to realize that the earth is our only home and our future depends on it


We all have an impact on the natural environment. To save our planet, changes in personal choices and behavior is essential. While achieving sustainability requires sacrifices from each person, it does not require drastic lifestyle changes. Sustainable development calls for devotion of each and every one to protect their neighborhood. The paper have illustrated some of the sustainable concepts in my neighborhood.


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