Why Texas Dream Act is Appropriate


Texas Dream Act was revolutionary. Governor Ricky Perry and the Texas Legislature made the bold move in a bid to empower the immigrant students. The Act was a godsend in a country where none citizens are treated with suspicion and given unequal chances in the education scene. The purpose was to rip the benefits from the foreign community that boosts the economy.  The main concern of the act, as will be explored further in this paper, was the appreciation of the fact that the learners should not suffer for the mistakes made by their parents who are/were immigrants.

In my opinion, the act had good intentions from the beginning. This however met some challenges during the implementation. I still believe it is the best idea for the sake of both the learners and the state of Texas. If well implemented, the students will be in a position to learn without financial strain. Texas will be guaranteed of trained labor from the trained learners who will in turn keep the economy running. According to Leslie Tufino (2019) in The Daily Texan, the Texas immigrants in 2015 had a purchasing power of about $100 billion. This shows that their economic input is commendable and good enough for the state of Texas.

The act is an appropriate public policy. It is important in giving hope to the immigrant community that there is hope of getting the attention of the government. This guarantees them security and assurance that they will be working in the state of Texas. Unlike other learners who come from other states to study in Texas, this particular group of students have vowed to stay and keep the economy of Texas in motion.

It is also fair to emphasize that the immigrant learners are given the certainty about life and their aspiration as American citizens. They don’t know anywhere else to relate with, their goals are tied with the state of Texas. The act gives them the state of identity and belonging. They take Texas as a home where they belong just like the neighbors and the classmates that they have around.

The morality concern of the matter cannot be stated otherwise; denying the students the chance due to the mistakes of their parents is not justifiable.  Children should not bear the burden of the choices that are not theirs. This makes the act a special item for raising hope for the immigrant learners in the colleges and universities.

The act is a good policy and thinking about the learners who are out of the state Texas, they can have access to funds from other places. The immigrant students in Texas are direct beneficiaries of the economic contributions of their parents who are part of the Texas workforce (Tufino, 2019). They deserve the chance and I believe that there is no point of getting the discomfort about learners who do not benefit from the program.

The challenge that act has faced is that some legislator believe that it will encourage more immigrant to come to the state of Texas. They believe that the immigrants will flood for the favors granted by the act. The other con of the act is that it makes some people to feel entitled as the citizens of Texas and a belief that they ought to receive more favors in their country.

In conclusion, the Texas Dream Act is a good policy that is mindful of the immigrant learners who need the support for their academics. It is not an unfair treatment to the out of state American students. It was drafted in good faith, it ought to remain so.


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