FSM2085 Section 1 Le Bristol Paris Hotel

The Purpose of Le Bristol Paris Hotel

The purpose of Le Bristol Paris is to offer excellent services and refinement in the hotel industry. The hotel features rooms and suites that have been designed and decorated in 18th century French-style. In addition, the hotel has an exceptional cuisine, an inviting atmosphere that welcomes guests for afternoon tea, less formal lunch, and dinner. The swimming pool and spa completes the exceptional palace (Le Bristol Paris 1). Simply put, the hotel offers a perfect balance between old-world elegance and modern world service to customers.

The intended target guests or customers

Paris is considered a high-end shopping destination; indeed, the Champs-Elysees in Paris, for example, is considered one of the ten most expensive shopping places in the world. Paris has traditionally been considered a high-class hospitality destination. Some of the Five Star Hotels that are scattered all over the city include Le Meurice, Le Bristol, Plaza Athenee, Le Royal Monceau, Four Seasons’ George V, and Park Hyatt Paris. High-net worth people prefer cities such as Paris that have these kinds of hotel facilities. In the recent past, Paris has been ranked highly among the cities where the world’s super wealthy individuals either invest or live or do both. The city has become a cosmopolitan destination that caters for the global life of the super rich individual. It is appropriate to believe that Le Bristol Paris hotel is targeting super wealthy individuals who are visiting or investing in Paris.

Paris has been witnessing a boom in its tourism industry, particularly increasing tourist numbers from Far East countries such as China. France has been part of the Schengen area that requires only a single visa. In addition, France and Germany have a common visa office in Beijing, which has helped to fast tract visa acquisition. These initiatives have helped to boost the number of tourists who are visiting Paris. Le Bristol Paris targets wealthy tourists from Far East countries.

The hours of operation

The hotel operates for 24 hours daily. However, customers need to book their places in advance.

The types of menus offered

First course consists of purple sea urchins, which are simmered in their shells with smooth egg mousse. There is also stuffed Macaroni consisting of black truffle, duck foie gras and artichoke. These are combined with Parmesan cheese. Large langoustines are served together with Japanese lemon. Food taste is improved using fresh celery or caviar obtained from sologne. Ile De France is grilled using onions, lemon, and seaweed butter. Monarch celeriac is cooked using coarse salt, and grated using beaufort cheese or black truffle obtained Vauclause.

The hotel’s menus also consists of fishes such as wild turbot, blue lobster, sea scallops, sand sole, and whiting fish. The menu indicates that all the fishes served are obtained from wild fisheries. The hotel has meat in its menus. Customers can expect black truffle obtained from perigord, veal sweetbreads, pigeon obtained from Bresse area, farm hen, saddle of milk fed lamb. Cheeses can also be found in the menu. Le Bristol Hotel offer varying cheeses depending on season and maturation period. The cheeses are often complemented with bread and wine, a culture that the hotel has promoted over the years. Desserts include thyme-lemone honey, Doyenne Du Comice pear, Peru chocolate, fruits obtained from the tropics, lemon obtained from menton, and Nyangbo chocolate. Seasonal menu is available only at lunchtime and consists of sea scallop and Duck Foie Gras, main dishes are ox tail and John Dory. Seasonal cheeses available for customers are Litchis and coffee and Cognac (Le Bristol Paris 1).

How the food and beverage gets from the preparation area to the guest

There is the compact dining room that overlooks the hotel’s courtyard. The room doubles up as the breakfast room. The hotel has an imaginative brasserie-style cooking where food and beverage preparation occurs in a kitchen that leads directly to the dining area. The guest can comfortably wait for his or her food in the dining area.

The types of employees needed to run the outlet

The hotel requires a team o of devoted employees that include; chefs, apprentices, housekeepers, commis and florists that continuously work diligently to steer it to the top of the industry. These individuals must have the requisite work experience in serving high-end customers. Notably, the employees have to be courteous and ready to serve without creating unnecessary delays to customers.

List of the sample hotels chosen with a brief description of the properties from their website

Le Bristol Paris is an iconic hotel that with a wonderful and lasting history that has been told passionately since 1925. The hotel’s history has been told for more than nine decades taking it to the pinnacle of refinement and quality. The hotel has a majestic layout consisting of splendid materials, marbles, precious paneling, works of art and finest crafts (Le Bristol Paris 1).

Why the sample hotels best represent the food and Beverage outlet

The hotel has been chosen because it provides the kind of services that five star hotels are expected to offer. The hotel has a unique history that spans more than nine decades. The hotel does not have the conventional menu that most hotels choose to have.


The hotel offers services that customers consider unique and special every time they visit. The food is always special, and the chefs appear to have mastered their work. Afternoon tea served in dining rooms overlooking the hotel’s courtyard makes the place very special. In addition, the employees are courteous making the place attractive place to visit.