Fashion Entrepreneurship

My personal mission statement in life has always been ‘there is possibility in making a difference.’ Growing up, I learned the significance of having goals that reflect your mission, that way your mission will make an impact in your life. Clarity and definition of purpose forms the base for achieving personal goals.

My father in his youthful years established a fashion company, which he dedicated most of his time. I developed interest in helping him grow that company. After high school, I committed my free time to assisting with activities in the firm. While aiding in the company I developed values such as hard work, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. These values might have changed or grown over time, however I can confidently attribute my success to them. During my involvement in the company, my main aim was to make a difference in the fashion industry, this goal eluded me every once in a while because of failed attempts but my focus remained fixed on the goal.

When the time came to join college, I chose to pursue political science at Valencia College. I wanted to learn about government activities as well as political behavior. Political science does not relate to my chosen career, nevertheless, I learnt skills in economics, social science, and approaches such as positivism, behaviorism; knowledge that I use in my everyday management of the business. From that degree, I learnt the importance of maintaining good sound relationships with my employees besides my business partners.

Shifting the course of my career path was very demanding; I had gained experience in the fashion industry from my constant participation in the business, however, I had to study for a business course to equip myself with the relevant skills for running the company. Juggling between work and school was very hectic; it came along with increased expenses from paying college fees and long working hours.

Valencia College was my stepping-stone towards great success in life. During the time I was in college, I learnt life lessons that I still refer to up to date. Attending classes taught me the art of time management, and perseverance. From friends as well as lecturers I learnt the spirit of aggression, responsibility, conflict resolution besides good communication skills. These life lessons from college have offered more than a cushion to lean on during tragedies.

After completing college, I knew where I wanted to be. I went to my father and pleaded my case. It was not easy getting a position in that company for I had to prove that I was worth hiring. I took up all the odd jobs and worked my way to the top. When the time came for my father to retire, I had learnt almost all the basics that I needed in managing a fashion company. Stepping into my father’s shoes meant a lot to me. Of course, I doubted my abilities to surpass the foundation he had laid but I believed in myself in making a difference.

Being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a fashion company encompasses meeting the needs of all the stakeholders involved including employees, suppliers, investors, the surrounding community and the law. Under this position, I set company strategies, model the organization’s culture, lead the senior management team effectively, along with maximum allocation of funds in accordance with the firm’s priorities.

There are skills that a person has to develop to run a company efficiently. Some of these skills include innovativeness, risk taking, optimism in the face of adversity, taking initiative, coordination and control as well as collective decision-making. Waking up every day to manage a fashion company requires a lot of creativity, the ability to think outside norms. To make a difference in the world, we all need creativity.