[Solved] 1-2 Written Assignment: Types of Stakeholders and their Training Needs

1-2 Written Assignment: Types of Stakeholders and their Training Needs

1.0  Employees

Employees within XYZ company will include all persons employed within the company, especially at the non-executive levels. Training needs of the employees of XYZ Company with regard to the transition to the new email system within the company will be based on the fact that they require adequate skills in using this new email system since most of the official communication within the company will be via email. Some of the training needs for this type of audience will include:

  • Switching from Outlook to Gmail
  • Moving Outlook contacts and calendars to Gmail and Google calendars
  • Composing, sending, replying, and searching emails using Gmail
  • Changing inbox types and themes
  • Inserting attachments and images using Gmail
  • Initiating video and text chats using Gmail
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the employees
  • Configuring Gmail account and settings (configuring desktop notifications and alerts, adding additional email accounts)
  • Chatting using the Google chat feature
  • Filtering and labeling emails
  • Creating and editing contacts as well as contact groups to keep track of important contacts
  • Creating filters to process messages automatically
  • Using mobile devices to access Gmail

2.0  Managers

Managers at the XYZ Company comprise all individuals responsible for controlling and administering the employees within the organization.

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