[Solved] Global Civil Rights Movement

Global Context of the Civil Rights Movement: Global Forces that caused Civil War in the US

In his article, "The Global Context of the Civil Rights Movement," Burnett (2019) explains that in early 20th Century America, Black Americas needed to challenge White Supremacy and considered Gandhi’s Non-violent resistance that had been successful in Britain. He argued that the rise of fascism, World War II, and the Nazi deaths in Germany influenced the Jews and the Black Americans to protect themselves from the oppression they faced in the US. The Jews in the US observed the oppression experienced by Black Americans in the South and opted for a system far similar to that the Nazis utilized overseas.

Secondly, civil rights movements were influenced in the US because white supremacy became a national issue after World War II. The whites in the US were afraid that new nations would become communist, which would ruin the economy of America and the whole world. This led to Cold War as US nationals, Asian, and African leaders pushed for the old colonial rule. The African and Asian leaders joined forces with the Soviet Union, forming a pact of economic and political ties. 

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