[Solved]- The Product Marketing Research Plan

The Product Marketing Research Plan

Problem definition and research objectives

A low form of targeting has been done in the areas of children between the ages of 10 to 15 years. ASG needs to develop a tracksuit for both boys and girls age 10-15 years. Currently, the company only targets adults leading to a low focus on the young generation, especially those in the teenage years. Generally, it s understandable that the company finds a high level of market competition from dominant market players who deal with the sporting clothing and apparel such as Nike and Addidas.  We have identified that; young people will translate to buy brands they gave used at a young age leading to continued customer loyalty. In such cases, they will be introduced to the products by the parents. It s expected that when they become adults, they will continue using the ASGs sport weak proudest. The development of a tracksuit is chosen as it offers the company a more natural form of penetrating the market since the target oils broad. With the tracksuit, both children interested in sports, as well as those who are not, will be potential customers. Thus, it s a good move and starts to join the children market.

Research objectives;

·         To identify the target customers and their needs.

·         To identify the marketing strategies that will allow easy reach to the target customers.

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