[Solved]- Applying the Marketing Mix

Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation


A product is any item designed to accomplish the needs and wants of a given customer. The product under discussion could either be a good or service. For the sake of our conversation, we use adaptive sports global (ASG) corporation as the brand. Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation provides children with fun opportunities to identify with the adult world. Marketers should always make sure they understand their product very well before they get into the market to market it, and it should stand the competition. One should ask himself or herself a number of questions while marketing any product, like what do customers want from the product or service? What structures of the product work to meet your customer s needs? Where and how will the customer be able to use it? What will be the experience of the customer on the product? For our question, one can take two black skis and poles and one grey skis and poles for children to be our product. These products satisfy the needs of the customers by ensuring that all their sports gear is provided and is sold at a reasonable price, and has varieties to choose from.


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