[Solved] - Applying the Marketing Mix

The Existing Marketing Mix


ASG offers several products to its consumers; however, its helmets stand out, particularly among the youths. Head injuries, concussions, and whiplash in skiing and biking, among other similar sports, are primarily caused by falls (Philippe et al., 2014). Therefore, skiers and bikers, among other similar sports enthusiasts, tend to use helmets to protect their heads from possible injuries in case of a fall. According to Macnab et al. (1998), the youth are at an increased risk of head injuries and feel less vulnerable when using quality helmets. As a solution, ASG provides high-quality helmets, good-fitting, self-adjustable, has a stable hard shell structure, a face shield, built with a minimalist skate-like design, and adaptable to different weather conditions; thus, promising to solve the youths injury concerns in case of a fall. As a result of ASG helmets outstanding features, the youth population has preferred to utilize them to continue enjoying their favorite sports safely.  


The price of ASG helmets for the youths ranges from $36.00 to $58.29, depending on the size of the helmet. According to Nartea & Morgan (2015), the price of a product is linked to its supply costs, demand, the price of the competitors, and any applicable seasonal discounts and offers. Therefore, considering the quality of ASG’s helmets and their demand among the youths market segment, the pricing can be considered reasonable. 

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