[Solved]- The Customer Relationship Management Plan

Synopsis of the Current Customer Management Problems

The primary challenge experienced by International Waters, Inc. (IW) is that they do not seem to establish a long-term connection with their customers; thus, they have a low customer return rate. Ideally, the spa-centered chain of hotels’ mission is to provide stress-free stays for guests who need time away to recuperate and relax. Therefore, the firm should ensure that its customers experience relaxation in a stress-free environment. Once the visitors are booked into the spa-centered hotel, the firm needs to ensure they experience no compromise to their desire to relax and recuperate. Nevertheless, the case provides that IW is not achieving the aim of its mission, and little has been done to ensure that the guests experience relaxation in a stress-free environment.

SMART Goals Addressing the Problems

According to Ranabhat (2018), customer loyalty significantly spurs business growth. The author further highlighted that it also drives repeat business, brand growth and awareness, increased sales and revenue, and acquisition of valuable reviews. Ideally, the company can establish SMART Goals and direct its efforts to attain customer loyalty. IW can implement the following SMART Goals to help diagnose the customer loyalty concern experienced by the company:   

a.    Over the next six months, it can increase its customer satisfaction scores by 30% by implementing short surveys on its official web pages and monitoring review sites and social media ratings. 

b.    Over the next three months, it should review each live chat transcript and recorded customer service calls to determine how to show appreciation and offer value. 

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