{Solved}-Diabetic Education -Stakeholder Engagement

Diabetic Education -Stakeholder Engagement Evidenced-based research has shown that in diabetic management, the importance of structured guidelines on physical activity and nutritional adjustments will enhance compliance and extend life quality with patient improved outcomes (Kwan et al., 2017). To ensure achieved knowledge of patient-center self-care behaviors is being met, a stakeholder engagement approach helps employ a team-focused collaboration to sustain the support of the patient and all supporting factors by providing treatment methods to promote best practice and safe patient care (Kwan et al., 2017).

In the standardization of glycemic control through diet and exercise, the capstone project stakeholder will involve my assessment group of newly-onset diabetic patients and a health promotion disease prevention committee that involves primary health providers, local community organizers, diabetic educators, behavioral health specialists, health care informatics, and a state health representative. Recruiting all relevant stakeholders into a grouped disease prevention committee will engage each correlating representative to structure the treatment approach through a practice-based research network (Kwan et al., 2017). In return, it will connect the patients with a standardized diabetic treatment method with reliable community resources while meeting all state and national policies guidelines.

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