[Solved]-Educational Theoretical Model Framework: Type II Diabetic Education

Educational Theoretical Model Framework: Type II Diabetic Education

In the field of healthcare and nursing practice, an educational theoretical framework is essential for the development and fundamental understanding of patient-centered evidence-based care. Education is thought to be the structured process of direct knowledge and teaching to help provide guidance, purpose, and reasoning to diseases and illnesses. It promotes the importance of health assessment and treatment while improving the patient s understanding of the disease process.

As healthcare providers, a collaborative team approach is essential when working to ensure all correlating elements are being implemented in the patient plan of care.

Educational theoretical frameworks align with patient education of glucose management, as it helps utilize the preventative measures and needs assessment that is imperative when treating type II diabetic patients.  To prevent problematic issues and misunderstandings found in diabetic management, a regimented standard of care needs to be attained when developing a patient-focused, well-defined treatment plan.

            The significant components of adequate and proper education help warrant a full acceptance and understanding of the lifestyle changes that need to be met to safeguard a positive outcome. In addition, providing well-informed teaching improves the patient result and helps prevent further decline of the chronic illness. Patients with uncontrolled and unmanaged glucose levels fail to augment the applicable diabetic prevention and management, reflecting on patient compliance and the provided treatment plan (Funches, 2017). 

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