[Solved] - Applying the Marketing Mix

Determination of the Existing Marketing Mix


            Product refers to the good or service that a business offers to its clients (Goi, 2009).  The product is meant to fulfill an existing demand (Goi, 2009). Also, it should be so compelling that clients believe they should have it. Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation has come up with one of the best helmets for the youth. The company’s helmets are of good features, which have made them attractive for youth bikers. This is because this segment of clients is aggressive and therefore they need helmets that would protect them from different falls. To start with, the helmets are good-fitting and snug. Also, they are not annoyingly tight. Besides, the helmets sit level on the clients’ head with the front edge at most one inch above the client’s eyebrows so that their forehead is protected.  Also, the helmet is made in such a way that the clients can push it from side to side and back to fit the front. The helmet comprises several features that protect the youths from injury in case their bikes fall. A face shield is one of the protective features of the helmets. The face shield comprises a combination of windshield and safety goggles, which are made of plastic. Also, the face shield comprises anti-fog as well as anti-UV features, which have flip-up options for purposes of letting air in following a long ride.  The second security feature of the helmet is the rigid outer shell. The helmets comprise a strong outer shell since it is the first and strongest line of defense. The outer shell is made of thermoplastic and a fiber-reinforced composite. Also, the helmets contain ventilation. The ventilation for the helmet is found on the top. In addition, the helmets comprise a chin strap.

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