[Solved]- Expanding a Business Into Services Essay

Expanding a Business into Service

            Service expansion is detrimental to a business as it offers an additional form of income for an organization. Service components act as standalone provisions to customers. Customer service is key to dealing with customer concerns and meeting the diverse needs of customers in an organization. Customer service and business service are among the market growth initiatives for an organization regarding the expansion of the company s offerings beyond the commodities. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the expansion of business service in Environmentalgear Company. The essay will discuss reasons for the service, competition, marketing mix and service launching.

Business Service

            The development of environmental office products involves integrating business services information technology to offer support to other business services such as procurement, finance and shipping.  The inclusion of office consultants can help improve office ambiance to enable it to become more conductive to the organizational goals, productivity and comfort. The expansion of Environmental gear business services will play a critical role in enhancing customer refreshments, improving training rooms and meeting rooms which are among the critical components of meeting the company s needs. 

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