[Solved] - Expanding a Business Into Services Essay

Expanding Business into Services: A Case of the Environmentalgear Company

Consumer service

The consumer service component will be part of the services the company endeavors to offer to its customers as an initiative to expand its product portfolio. The component s purpose is to ensure direct interaction with the buyer to ensure that they get a product that best fits their needs for utmost satisfaction. The company seeks to introduce a home ambiance consultant where it will be visiting customers at their homes to help them fine-tune their home products as well as make recommendations regarding improvements on the same.

Synopsis of research in regards to competition

On studying the market, one of the principal competitions is the Ambius company, a large landscaping company that deals in enhancing commercial spaces through design and maintenance. The company products are office plants, living walls, scenting, and commercial landscaping. The company has been keen on coping with global trends in designs as a tool to remain relevant and on top while offering their products at a relatively higher price than those of the Enironmentalgear Company (Ambius, 2021). Another key rival in the industry is the Ambiance Home. A family-owned and operated company, which deals with the sale of designer furniture and home décor in a showroom located in Irvine, CA. they offer expert consultation and service raging from single rooms, offices to entire homes, the company offers shipping services to its customers on purchase and is known for relatively low prices on its goods and has existed for over 50 years ("Welcome to Ambiance Home", 2021).

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