[Solved]- Expanding a Business Into Services Essay

Expanding a Business into Service

Consumer Service

Incorporating the consumer service aspect in its portfolio will ensure that the company achieves direct interaction with its customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction. Ideally, according to Kaňovská (2010), incorporating consumer services into an organization’s business strategies helps gain higher profits from the products sold while also facilitating increased consumer satisfaction. Based on the analysis by Bovée & Thill (1992), consumer services are considerably significant in ensuring customer loyalty, competitive advantage, product differentiation, increased profits, and reduced marketing costs. Environmentalgear aims to add an at-home service involving a home ambiance consultant visiting the consumers to help them adjust their home goods. The ambiance consultants will also make recommendations that will help improve the home environment. By incorporating this consumer service, the company will potentially improve its customer loyalty, profits, competitive advantage, product differentiation, and reduced marketing costs.

Synopsis of the Competition

Several at-home consultancy service companies across the country will present strong competition to Environmentalgear. For instance, Ambience Home Comforts, based in California, provides at-home consultancy services for its products, including indoor furnishing, outdoor furnishing, and décor accessories (Ambience Home Comforts, 2011). Consequently, Ambience Home, a family-run company in California, offers clients consultancy services for its products, including interior, outdoor, and office décor (Ambience Home, 2022). 

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