[Solved]-Guidelines for the Standardization in Reducing Glucose levels through Diet and Exercise Edu

Guidelines for the Standardization in Reducing Glucose levels through Diet and Exercise Education among the Type II Diabetic Population

Diabetes Mellitus type II is a chronic illness that requires clinical healthcare guidance in promoting the importance of developing a plan of care dealing with adequate and quality patient education to improve the patient experience and outcome with effective delivery of diabetic care (Colberg, et al., 2016). Diabetic education is a critical goal in progress toward appropriate psychosocial, behavioral, and clinical interventions.  Collaborative education and communication safeguards, progress, and goals are met by the patient to control glucose levels and prevent further complications of chronic illness. 

Due to the increased morbidity correlated with diabetic compliance and control, the healthcare organizations, American Diabetes Association, along with the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists, developed organizational guidelines for healthcare professionals to manage a patient s glucose level accurately (Nwachuku, 2016). The practical education of physical activity and nutritional lifestyle changes for glucose management helped maintain balance and compliance to prevent further complications of type II diabetic patients (Nwachuku, 2016).

The Problematic Failure of Diabetic Management

Healthcare education on nutritional and physical activity lifestyle changes help evaluate and monitor the magnet focus when restructuring patient compliance with glucose management (Kayar, et al., 2016). The importance of significant lifestyle changes is to enhance the overall outcome patients receive.  It is paramount to prevent further decline by implementing standardized guidelines in diet, and exercise to maintain health prevention to achieve glucose reduction (Hignett, et al., 2015). When educating patients, utilization of a team approach ensures compliance while monitoring the patient-specific caloric intake nutritional care plans that are followed by national guidelines of aerobic physical activity for 45 minutes 3 times a week.  By reviewing the treatments and techniques, it alleviates patient stressors and prevents unsatisfactory outcomes. 

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