[Solved]- The Customer Relationship Management Plan

Synopsis of the Current Customer Management Problems

            As evident from the case scenario of the company, the main problem that IW is facing is that it is unable to establish or create a long-term connection to its clients. For this reason, only a few clients have been returning to the hotel. Since the hotel’s mission is to offer stress-free stays for guests who prioritize relaxation, the company should always ensure that the guests experience this. In addition, it should ensure that it does not compromise the ability of the clients to be relaxed once they attend or visit the hotel. However, as it seems from the case scenario of the hotel, the hotel has been doing very little in order to ensure that its customers are happy and extremely relaxed by the time they live in the hotel. Besides, from the case scenario, the hotel has failed in putting in place measures that are likely to assure clients of their relaxation just by the basis of having visited and dined at the hotel.

SMART Goals Addressing the Problems

            The benefit of client loyalty cannot be understated. Some of the benefits of customer loyalty include driving repeat business, increasing revenue, creating the brand, defending against their competition, and gaining valuable feedback (Zakaria et al., 2014).  When clients have developed customer loyalty, they tend to stick around through both the good and the bad times. For this reason, even though it is important for the company to focus on getting new clients, keeping those clients that an organization has gained is imperative. For this reason, the company should show a lot of determination to achieve customer loyalty. One of the ways of achieving this is coming up with a smart goal and putting all the measures in place to achieve those goals. Some of the SMART goals for the problems being faced by the company include;  

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