Solved: Classical Art Assignment

Reflection on the Art Course


Nursing is viewed as a science and an art, and the idea of nursing has been observed as a theoretical framework for the concept of nursing practice (McEwen & Wills, 2017). The art of nursing is more of science, meaning it is more of knowing than doing, and learning the art course allows me to understand the art of doing, and the profession gives me the advantage of understanding the science practice. This is my reflection on the art course I have learned in relation to my nursing profession and an overview of its importance to my practice.

Artistic expression constructs the culture of a people, and this course gives me this identification based on a look at the artists and their historic artistic artistries. As Ibecache (2013) explains, artistic creations are meant to explain the physical and invisible emotional experience, and expression clearly explains an aesthetic, beauty, and other minor details of the people’s self and easily explains their history and self. To a professional nurse, this proves essential as it opens up the nurse s understanding of historical challenges and the history of a population they haven t interacted with. Ibecache (2013) explains that professional nursing differs from innate and natural nursing. Understanding the art of nursing proves essential for nurses, but caregiving makes the difference. Consequently, he further argues that the former education process was meant to instill the desire for nurses to drive hope for the sick, those in recovery, and the dying. Evaluating my experience with this course, I have realized that I lacked a lot and have learned more than I expected.

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