[Solved} HIM 600- 5-2 Short Paper: Compliance Program Proposal

RevCycle Intelligence s (2019) analysis indicates that quality physician documentation avails the necessary information for coders to suitably code a patient’s encounter. This improves a facility’s ability to capture a patient’s necessary information from a payer’s point of view besides ensuring that the next clinical practitioner who cares for the patient understands the patient’s medical history, improving the quality of care rendered. The AHIMA ethical standards for CDI professionals add that it is vital for organizations to maintain accurate, complete, and consistent clinical documentation within their health records to support clinical coding, demonstrate quality patient care and support high-quality healthcare data reporting (AHIMA, 2016). In other words, quality physician documentation is essential in healthcare coding, providing quality patient care, enhancing efficient and timely reimbursement, and elevating hospital compliance (Combs, 2020; RevCycle Intelligence, 2017). Therefore, facilities need to maintain high-quality physician documentation to elevate compliance with organizational, state, and federal healthcare compliance standards and guidelines. This is because quality physician records can easily be interpreted and coded, improving the facility s compliance initiatives. 

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