[Solved]-Personal Nursing Philosophy of Holistic Nursing Care Final

Personal Nursing Philosophy of Holistic Nursing Care

Imperative factors of Holistic Care Approach

Advanced Practice Holistic healthcare is a method of healing that focuses on the whole person s mind, body, spirit, psychological thoughts, and feelings (Erickson & Sandor, 2017). I find the philosophical approach of holistic medicines concentrates on developing life balance to ensure overall health stability. When healthcare practitioners implement holistic medicine, they believe that all interdependent parts must be functioning correctly, or it will affect the entire body negatively and create an imbalance in the patient s daily living and health. In the view of Holistic medicine, a person is responsible for their own welfare and health and trust that love and support are the highest power of healing (Erickson & Sandor, 2017).

As an Advanced Practice Nurse, the most common goal is to help heal and improve the patient s quality of life. The holistic nursing approach looks beyond just the physical disease aspects and conditions. One must look past the disease process and review all interdependent parts and the various influencing factors causing a decline in health. Taking notice of each of these factors allows a better understanding and creates a proper balance in the healing process.

When treating a patient as a whole, APRNs need to have a background in a variety of healthcare disciplines and life experiences as patients experience many influential factors, causing a decline in their overall health and mental state. In treating this patient, the APRN would need to look beyond the physical exams and test results. They need to look into the needs, thoughts, and feeling the patient is going through to improve the patient outcome (Erickson & Sandor, 2017). As healthcare providers, it is imperative to focus on the healing powers of love and support to improve the patient s thoughts, feelings, love, and pride in their healthcare need when going through a stressful life event. The APRN can develop a treatment plan by addressing all aspects of the patient s life by utilizing a variety of different health practices. 

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