[Solved] 5-2 Milestone One: Developing and Communicating Policy

Two Policy Statements for Mercy Vale

Write two clear, comprehensive policy statements, explaining the reasons for the policy, the procedures (exactly what should and should not be done), and the policy’s intended goals.

A.    Protecting PHI on public and clinical computers

Personally owned communication devices and public computers will not be used by any staff member or physician for work-related activities unless explicitly authorized by the senior management at Mercy Vale. Also, members are not to download or copy PHI to a separate storage device without authorization from the senior management. If approved by the senior management, the staff member must be given a separate access PIN to allow log in from unknown devices, the download or copy must be documented, and the devices must be set up in English, comply with all the legal security standards and policies, and be made available for routine and special analysis.


B.     Completing discharge paperwork fully and correctly

Before discharge from the clinic, patients must be served with fitting, individualized, and confidential referral support and discharge planning to facilitate a secure hospital environment. A discharge planning meeting must be convened before the child is discharged to their caregivers or parents if the patient is under-age.


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