[Solved]- Marketing a New Product


ASG Startup Company Overview

ASG startup company US-based company that specializes in manufacturing sporting equipment, gears, and clothing. Its headquarters are in Pittsburg in the US. The company focus on producing high-quality products that meet the customers’ expectations. ASG needs to utilize 4Ps to understand the type of the products it will produce, pricing mechanism, and promotion strategy promotion it will utilize (Goi, 2009). The company aims to compete successfully in the global market by producing innovative and premium products.

A Description of The New Product Item

As a marketing product line manager, one of the products that I will create for the company is the skiing boots. The company will produce the skiing boots that adapts to sleet, ice, or snow. In addition, the ASG skiing bottom is fitted with retractable cleats, which will make a person walk in unstable terrain. They will also have a “roll sole” designed to promote a natural walking motion. They will be fitted with cleats, which will protect their soles from excessive wear, guaranteeing a proper fit during skiing training or competitions. The boot protectors will enhance skier traction while walking on ice, sleet, or snow. Lastly, the boost will be comfortable and warm, and skier can wear during extremely low temperatures.  

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