[Solved]- The Customer Relationship Management Plan

Customer Relationship Management plan


Customer relationship management refers to a system adopted by organizations in the management of the firm s interactions with their potential clients in the market (Buttle, & Maklan, 2019). The approach utilizes analyzed information concerning the organization s customers and their history in the firm for the improvement of collaboration. It thus increases the growth of sales in the firm. Precisely customer relationship management is a tool used by the companies to build sustainable relationships with the customers and thus streamline activities that would boost the organizational sales and increase customer services and therefore increased profits within the company. Customer relationship management is all dependent upon one s communication skills in the creation of strong bonds and the ability to enhance change for sustainability. 

International Waters Inc. is a hotel business that has been in progress for two years but needs to find the root cause analysis as to why only a few customers return for their services due to the lack of establishment of long-term connections with their potential customers. In sorting out the problem, the marketing director has to consider the creation of SMART goals, and these include increasing the level of customer satisfaction in the company (Kasemsap, 2019). With increased satisfaction, customers are excited and remain loyal and help with the word of mouth advertising to friends and relatives about the organization. Another goal that the company has to set concerns the efficiency of the business to the customers. Improved organization efficiency through speedy and timely delivery of services attendance to the customer inquiries and increased rate of problem-solving in the organization. Through the improved efficiency goal, the customers would be delighted to be part of the company and thus increased satisfaction that would call for more customers to return. Another goal is the expansion of the customer base to help in the increment of commodity identification and customer relations in the improvement of future services.

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