[Solved]-Type II diabetes education method, design, and statistical analysis

Method/ Design and Statistical Analysis 

Type II diabetes mellitus is a vastly growing chronic illness that is on the rise, causing increased mortality rates and a 15-year lifespan reduction due to the increased causation of other chronic illnesses from failed or ineffective treatment plans that lack evidence-based patient-centered care (Jang et al., 2019).  As a primary care provider, a proper and effective treatment plan can not be attained when we do not meet or provide the standardized guidelines of high-quality patient education that views the patient s lifestyle correlating factors (Jang et al., 2019). Furthermore, patient-focused education and teaching are detrimental to the patient s acceptance of lifestyle modifications and change as this is viewed as a paradigm shift that requires significant changes in their day-to-day living.  

The utilization of evidence-based practice in type II diabetic patients improves diabetic management and prevention. The capstone project aims to implement a patient-center educational plan of care that reduces glucose levels through guided nutrition and physical activity. The developed self-care guidance will improve diabetic management and help reduce increased stressors family members or home care providers face when trying to help treat the chronic illness (Jang et al., 2019). In addition, the expectation of care and understanding of the disease process will increase patient compliance with the organized lifestyle changes.  

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