[Solved]- 3.4 Assignment

Model Synthesis Writing

The problem is that a user’s privacy and confidentiality are impacted as soon as they agree to the terms and conditions of the social networking platforms such as Facebook. In the article “You Are Not Facebook’s Customer”, Rushkoff (para. 11) demonstrates that in social platforms such as Facebook, a user is not the “consumer” but the “product”. Facebook allows its users to freely network with others (friends); thereby, providing numerous ways for marketers to influence and engage with users. They have algorithms that the users cannot understand but keeps profiling the users’ online activities for easier marketing reach and engagement, which in reality is a violation of the user s privacy. While writing for Politico in 2018, Lazar noted that "When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before two committees earlier this month, even GOP lawmakers typically opposed to regulations said new rules to restrict the actions of Facebook and other internet companies may be necessary” (para. 1). Based on these perceptions, signing up for a Facebook profile exposes our private selves to engagements with marketers and advertisers embedded in the platform. The essence of creating new regulations makes perfect sense to protect the users from these privacy violations, however, we cannot be sure of what Facebook will do next given that it heavily relies on user data as a source of monetization.  

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